There are some filtration companies out there that want you to believe that they can provide you equipment that will filter your tap water and make it comparable to our spring water.  This is impossible and a false statement.

 Filtration systems range from charcoal filters and sediment filters that primarily take out chlorine, odor and taste to purification systems that waste a lot of water, do not remove all nitrates, and are usually only about 90% effective.  Filters require regular replacement and there is no way to know when that is without testing the water on a regular basis.

 However, if you have an interest in a filtration system it is important that you consult with someone you can trust.  Mt. Shasta Spring Water Company has been supplying filtration systems for several years and can supply you with the proper filtration system that will fit your needs.  All you have to do is call 1-800-922-6227 and let us know of your interest.  One of our water professionals will get in touch with you to determine the best application for your needs.

 Spring water and filtered water are two totally different products.  A true professional, like our technicians at Mt. Shasta Spring Water Company, will take the time to explain the differences so you can make a decision that is right for you.  The filtration equipment we use, like our spring water is the best.

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